Frequently Asked Questions?

  1. How do I list my business?
  2. Ans: Listing your business is easy, register from our home page to create an account for yourself, from within your account you can fill the listing form and upload images by yourself.
  3. Can I list my business even if I do not have a website or email address?
  4. Ans: Yes you can.
  5. Why should I list on GreenPagesng?
  6. Ans: This is an additional and affordable visibility platform for your business that ensures you are found by clients and would – be clients.
  7. How do I make payment?
  8. Ans: Payment of cash, cheque or etransfer could be made as follows:
    Account Name: Comnavig Ltd.
    Bank: FCMB Plc
    Acct. num: 027 2060 13513 1001
  9. Does my listing go live immediately after I have filled the listing for?
  10. Ans: No it does not. The support team will have to check that your text and images are in accordance with the rules of listing on this site and that your payment has been duly made before your listing will be activated.
  11. How much does it cost?
  12. Ans: Costs are on an annual basis and there are various packages to suit your financial needs; Basic – N10, 000, Pro – N25, 000, Superior – N50, 000. Sponsored links and our Featured business packages are N100, 000 monthly and N150, 000 monthly respectively.
  13. What are the features of the Basic, Pro, superior and Featured Business packages?
  14. Ans: Each package is differentiated by the amount of information allowance it provides. Click here for features.
  15. What is a Sponsored link?
  16. Ans: Sponsored links are businesses that appear on the left hand side of the page every time a search is done. Whether the business falls within the search criteria or not, as long as it is a sponsored link it will show on the result page with a thumbnail and business logo. This ensures increased visibility.
  17. How long after my payment will my listing be activated?
  18. Ans: You listing will be activated within 24hours of your payment.
  19. How long will my business be listed after I have paid?
  20. Ans: Duration of listing is based on how much is paid. If you pay for a year, your listing will be active for a year.
  21. Can I list more than one business with the same office address?
  22. Ans: Yes you can. Just sign up then log into your account and fill a different listing form for each business.
  23. How can my business become a Featured Business?
  24. Ans: Select the Featured Business package when doing a new listing or when editing a business that has already been listed. Your business will be activated as a Featured Business when payment has been made in accordance to (3) above. Please contact us for further clarification.
  25. How can I get placed on a sponsored link?
  26. Ans: Send us a mail on and make the payment as stated in (3) above.
  27. Can I change the images I upload, periodically?
  28. Ans: Yes you can change images from within your account by clicking ‘Edit Pics’. Alternatively you could send us a mail on stating your business name and attaching the new images you want us to upload for you.
  29. Can I change my business details after listing?
  30. Ans: Yes you can. Just log into your account and click ‘Edit’ against the desired business name. Edit the desired information and submit. Please note that while the editing is being done your business will be temporarily suspended and reactivated within a 24 hour period.
  31. What happens if my business falls into more than one category?
  32. Ans: Each package allows you list your business under a certain number of categories. Click here to see which package would be best suited for your business.
  33. How is this different from a search engines already available?
  34. Ans: GreenPagesng is localized to businesses within Nigeria alone. Search could be narrowed down by city and category which makes it quicker for businesses to be found. Search only pulls relevant information. GreenPagesng is also optimized for use on mobile phones unlike some search engines.
  35. Can I list more than one business whether paid or unpaid?
  36. Ans: Yes you can. Just log into your account and fill a new listing form for each business.
  37. My business has several branches interstate, can I list all of them?
  38. Ans: Yes you can as long as you select a package that will give you the provision for all the information you want to post. You could also list each one differently with a slight modification to the business name. E.g Simba Hotel, Simba Hotel Ikoyi, Simba Hotel V/I.
  39. Does GreenPagesng have a relationship with the businesses listed?
  40. Ans: No GreenPagesng only publishes information provided by business owners.
  41. For how long will my deal be listed under Buy ‘n’ Sell zone?
    Ans: Businesses under this zone will be listed here for 3 months.
  42. I have forgotten my log in details
  43. Ans: Click forgot password in log in area.